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Phone Number: 718.522.1506

Studio Address: 53 Hudson Avenue, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NY 11201

**Emailing is the fastest way to get a hold of us.

How to Book An Appointment

Bridge Pilates offers 55-minute sessions by appointment only. Our sessions are available from 6 AM to 9 PM seven days a week, but do depend on the availability of your instructor.

The fastest way to schedule a session at Bridge Pilates is to email us at Be sure to let us know both your schedule and your reason for pursuing Pilates. Did a physical therapist recommend it to you? Did you recently have a baby? Are you interested in expanding your workout routine? We will use this information to guide you to the right instructor.

You are also welcome to call us at (718) 522-1506. We are always happy to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have about starting a Pilates routine at Bridge Pilates.

Once you've found the instructor that works best for you, he or she will become your point of contact at the studio. You and your instructor will establish the day, time, and frequency of your sessions, handle payments, and make any appointment changes.

If you need to cancel a session, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance, or you will be held responsible for paying the full fee for the missed session. We accept cash or check only and are now required by law to charge NY Sales Tax.

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Getting to Bridge Pilates

Bridge Pilates is now located at 53 Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill. 53 Hudson Avenue is located in the middle of the block on the north side between Plymouth and Evans Streets.

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